THE National Commission of Women (NCW) partnered with V M Salgaocar College of Law to organize a day-long seminar titled “Rise and Lead: Young Women Pioneering Technology, Business and Public Life” on May 3, 2024. Over 150 participants, including students, faculty and experts attended the seminar focusing on women’s empowerment and gender equality.
There were several presentations and discussions on various topics. Shalini Rastogi (undersecretary, NCW) spoke about government initiatives for women, including digital literacy programs, drone pilot training for rural women for agricultural purpose, and financial schemes for women entrepreneurs. Prof Anup Kumar Maurya discussed the potential of AI and drone technology, while Prof Priya Onsker highlighted the importance of women’s participation in decision-making roles.
The seminar explored the achievements of women in various fields. Prof Dr Shabir Ali highlighted successful women in government, professions and even space exploration. He also mentioned an all-female team receiving a patent for filtration technology. Pranay Prabhugaonkar’s session focused on the corporate world, explaining career structures and skills needed for success. He shared inspiring advice from young women entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of opportunity, seeking help, and purpose. The seminar concluded with a Q&A session, leaving participants inspired and motivated.


WHAT’S wrong with the Goa government online helplines? How many of them work? The goaonline.gov.in site is perennially dead. I’m in Mapusa at Goa Electronics Ltd office to collect my form 1 and 14. I’ve been sitting from 11 am and even paid Rs201 for 3 prints and now its 1pm and still haven’t got my printouts.
Other people say the server has been creating a lot of inconvenience for the last three days. It is very inconvenient and frustrating for people from Margao, Panjim and senior citizens have been making trips back and forth. No numbers are given to the people to call and check on the same and if the services are working or not. I spoke to the owner here Hari Naik but it’s all in vain. What’s the point of having these helplines for Goans if they don’t deliver efficiently and regularly? Imagine the frustration of so many Goans.
­—Cecile Rodariguez, Taleigao


IN the light of recent developments where AstraZeneca has accepted thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) as a side effect in UK courts, Awaken India Movement (AIM) expresses deep concerns over the safety of the Covishield vaccine, manufactured by Serum Institute of India along with all other Covid vaccines that were approved under Emergency Use Authorization and without completing clinical trials.
The Indian government knew about it since May 2021 following the death of Snehal Lunawat, a 33-year-old frontline worker who died after getting the Covishield vaccine. Serum Institute denied that their vaccine could cause TTS, but quietly included it as a risk in their vaccine’s product insert only in October 2021.
Product insert was never seen by the people because medical personnel simply came up with filled injection. The circumstance of government buying and forcing vaccination means the vaccinated do not have a possibility of seeing the product insert. Indian government never considered prior informed consent as a necessity, even though it is the right medical practice.
Doctors failed to educate the vaccinated. Neither did our government educate on the possibilities of side effects and nor were our doctors prepared to deal with them. If this was done many lives such as that of 18-year-old Rithika could have been saved, where the doctors, seemingly oblivious to TTS, treated her for her a viral infection despite her family warning them of her recent vaccination.
Rising deaths and adverse event: Awaken India movement has been collecting details of Covid vaccine deaths covered by media/social media in India and sharing with various high authorities of the country since 2021, when the vaccinations began. The government has failed to respond to our repeated requests to investigate deaths and debilitation from adverse effects of vaccination. As per our efforts, the current tally stands at 19,273 deaths in the adult population and 186 deaths in children. This figure could actually be much more.
We say the government of India and the bureaucracy made Indian citizens guinea pigs for the global pharmaceutical industry. Currently, the European Medical Agency lists a number of possible adverse events from Covid vaccines, including blood and lymphatic system disorders, cardiac disorders, genetic disorders, endocrine disorders, eye disorders, immune system disorders, nervous system disorders, pregnancy and perinatal conditions, reproductive system and breast disorders, vascular disorders and many more.
Conclusively, Aim urges the government of India to compensate all victims of Covid vaccines including their family members, through a mechanism that involves vaccine manufacturers as well, to establish fast rack courts and vaccine courts to provide swift justice to the vaccine injured and their families.
We also learn that after manufacturing the Covid plandemic, the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization met at Davos and planned the 2nd plandemic, the H5N1 Flu, whose marketing has begun, that its already in India. Watch this video WHO Crimes Against Humanity https://bitchute.com/video/PlftradQWH2h to understand how they created the Covid plandemic using 14 medical malapractices and stop them from doing it again! The video also explains how the Nipah virus epidemic in Kerala last year proved to be completely fake as per Indian Evidences Act.
—Darryl D’Souza & other members of the Awaken India Movement, Goa

IT is very distressing and deeply anguishing to see the very alarming state of the roads in Ribandar. Our roads were already in dire straits when I saw them two months ago and was hoping that the sad state of affairs would improve. But contrary to hopes and high expectations, the situation has just worsened with the people having to commute on these treacherous roads.
Ribandar continues to look like a war battered zone. The digging of our roads has been going on for the last three years. Even for weak eyesight the works look all shoddy and done in a very haphazard manner, endangering the life and wellbeing of locals residents and those forced to use the so called roads.
With the monsoons fast approaching, it is a matter of grave concern as to what the residents would have to endure if immediate remedial measures are not taken. Let us all make a very personal appeal to Goa’s Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant and our Chief Secretary Punit Goel to please swiftly intervene and alleviate the misery looming large on the residents of Ribandar.
—Aires Rodrigues, Ribandar, Goa

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