ARAMBOL: Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar has large amounts of agricultural land which are often used for rare parties.

Revenue Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza has suggested that the large amount of land he owns are valued atRs7 per square metre. Our special investigation team headed by Heena Nawar presents details of land owned by the 10 biggest land owners among the MLAs in power and the value they have declared it at

By Heena Nawar

IN According to Election Commission rules, candidates must declare all their assets and liabilities. Those contesting elections are expected to tell the truth and not undervalue their assets.

If an ordinary citizen insists that his ancestral property has no value because he did not pay for it, Income tax authorities will send him to jail. But if four-time former chief minister Pratap Singh Rane claims his ancestral property has no market value, it is accepted at face value. Many elected MLAs have valued their declared gold and jewellery at far below the market price.

You cannot even get a cup of tea or a soft drink forRs10 or under. With the prices of land, even unconverted agricultural land in remote parts of Goa like Pernem and Canacona go for a minimum ofRs2000 toRs5000 per square metre.

The affidavits filed by candidates contesting elections are a joke. There is no obligation on them to tell the truth. There is no mechanism to check if their facts are true. Worst of all, there is no penalty for false declaration of assets by both elected MLAs and candidates. So it is vital that the Representation of People’s Act be amended to disqualify those who lie about their assets including commercial and residential buildings, gold and jewellery and holdings of agricultural and non-agricultural land, the most valuable assets in land scarce Goa.

The reason why the chairpersons of the Planning and Development Authorities appointed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are in a hurry to finalise the Outline Development Plan is to convert agricultural land owned by MLAs into settlement or commercial zones so that they can retire with a huge fortune even if they are not elected.


The Revenue minister appears to have taken maximum advantage of his position and power to implement the Tenancy Act. He is a tenant of many agricultural properties, all of which he managed to get for as little asRs7 per sq mtr.  

Agricultural land:

  • Mapusa land 1/3 PT Sheet no 157 of 1638 sq mtrs @Rs7 per sq worthRs11,466
  • Mapusa land 7/1 PT sheet no- 158 of 6225 sq mtr @Rs7 per sq worthRs43,575
  • Mapusa land 6/2 PT Sheet no- 158 of 2119 sq mtr @Rs7 per sq worthRs14,833
  • Mapusa land 3/4 PT Sheet no- 162 of 354 sq mtr @Rs7 per sq worthRs2478
  • Mapusa land 4/2 PT Sheet no- 169 of 1619 sq mtr @Rs7 per sq worthRs11,333
  • Mapusa land 4/7 PT Sheet no- 169 of 3588 sq mtr @Rs7 per sq worthRs25,116


Most of the land owned by the chief minister is in the tourist villages of Arambol close to the beach where the prices of the even agricultural land has shot up to a minimum ofRs10,000 per sq mtr as against the value he has shown ofRs500 per sq mtr. Much of the land he owns has been leased out to beach resorts who have built permanent structures in violation of the CRZ rules.

Agricultural land:

  • Arambol land S No- 265/11, 16,26, of 629 sq mtr @ Rs500 per sq mtr worth Rs3,14,500
  • Arambol land S No- 264/8, 30,36,37 area of 561 sq mtr @ Rs500 per sq mtr worth Rs2,80,500
  • Arambol land S No -302/18,30,36 area of 607 sq mtr @ Rs500 per sq mtr worth Rs3,03,500
  • Arambol land S No-273/1 area of 11653 sq mtr @ Rs500 per sq mtr worth Rs58,26,500
  • Arambol land S No- 274/1 area of 2289 sq mtr @ Rs500 per sq mtr worth Rs11,44,500
  • Arambol land S No- 278/10,17,22 area of 689 sq mtr @ Rs500 per sq mtr worth Rs3,44,550
  • Arambol land S No- 269/3 area of 808 sq mtr @ Rs500 per sq mtr worth Rs4,04,000
  • Arambol land S No- 280/7,16,23,26,34 area of 1764 sq mtr worth (NOT GIVEN)
  • Arambol land S No- 250/14 area of 3058 @ Rs500 per sq mtr worth Rs15,29,000
  • Arambol land S No- 254/40,49 area of 711 @ Rs500 per sq mtr worthRs3,55,500
  • Arambol land S No- 266/1 area of 700 @Rs500 per sq mtr worthRs3,50,000
  • Arambol land S No- 267/3,17,34,43 area of 5218 sq mtr @ Rs500 worthRs26,09,000
  • Arambol land S No- 301/11,16,23,29,36,40 area of 1036 sq mtr worth (NOT GIVEN)
  • Arambol land S No- 300/1 area of 3408 sq mtr @Rs500 sq mtr worthRs17,04,000
  • Arambol land S No- 52/1 area of 27510 sq mtr @Rs500 sq mtr worthRs1,37,55,000
  • Arambol land S No- 54/0 area of 1314 sq mtr @Rs500 sq mtr worthRs6,57,000
  • Arambol land S No- 53/0 area of 2297 sq mtr @Rs500 sq mtr worthRs11,48,500
  • Arambol land S No- 76/14 area of 7240 sq mtr worth (NOT GIVEN)
  • Arambol land S No- 239 area of 7022sq mtr @Rs60 sq mtr worthRs4,21,320
  • Arambol land S No- 250/14 area of 3058 sq mtr @Rs500 per mtr sq worth Rs15,29,000
  • Arambol land S No- 95/29 area of 500 sq mtr @Rs500 sq mtr  worthRs2,50,000
  • Arambol land S No- 96/1,7,10 area of 828 sq mtr worth  (NOT GIVEN)
  • Arambol land S No- 299/0 area of 1,00,000 sq mtr @Rs400  worthRs4,00,000
  • Arambol land S No- 27/2 area of 1765 sq mtr @Rs500 worth Rs8,82,500
  • Arambol land S No- 276/2 area of 1512 sq mtr @Rs500 worth Rs7,56,000
  • Pernem 407/1 area of 71400 sq mtr @Rs50 sq mtr worth Rs35,50,000

Non-agricultural Land

  • Fondye, Dodamarg S No- 27/1area of 48000 sq mtr @Rs107 sq mtr worthRs5,13,600


The Bicholim MLA has said he paidRs19 per sq mtr for his share of 12,141 sq mtrs of agricultural land.

Agricultural land

  • Dumache Bicholim S No- 1/3,1/6,3/5,49/7 &50/5 area of 12141 sq mtr (3 acre) @Rs19 per sq mtr worthRs2,25000


The Sports Minister has been implicated in the Ruby building scam and has many flats in the complex. But he is not poor as he has ancestral agricultural property of more than 2 lakh sq mtr and an ancestral home together valued atRs3.07 crores at the rate ofRs150 per sq mtr.

Agricultural land

  • Ancestral property in Canacona area of 205000 sq mtr @ Rs150 per sq mtr worthRs3,07,50,000
  • Dabel Canacona area of 5002 sq mtr @Rs225 per sq mtr worth Rs11,25,450


The Vasco MLA has very valuable non-agricultural land in Sancole exceeding 4 lakhs sq mtr grossly undervalued atRs12 per sq mtr which would not fetch even tenanted agricultural land in the most backward talukas. This is certainly a case for probe by the Lokayukta for assets disproportionate to known sources of income.

Non-agricultural land

  • Sancole Mormugao 270/5 area of 415000 sq mtr @Rs12 per sq mtr worthRs48,35,000


Madkaikar who has just joined the BJP is not a traditional bhatkar. Under the guidance of Babush Monserrate, he has become a major developer. He has almost 19,000 sq mtrs of agricultural land waiting for conversion at Ela, Old Goa and 30,760 sq mtrs of converted land falling in settlement and commercial valued atRs2.53 crores at the rate ofRs825 per sq mtr. The built up value is likely to be a minimum ofRs40,000 toRs50,000 per sq mtr.

Agricultural land-

  • Ela Old Goa area of 18939.29 sq mtr ( 4.68 acre) @Rs514 per sq mtr worthRs97,37,500

Non-agricultural land-

  • Gaunddlim area of 30760.58 sq mtr (13.82 acre) @Rs825 per sq mtr worthRs2,53,80,000


As expected of him, Manohar Parrikar has declared the fair value of the non-agricultural land he owns in Succor and Tivim. He has however not mentioned the new bungalow he owns in Dona Paula.

Non-agriculture land

  • Sonarbhat Succoor area of 9953 sq mtr @Rs386per sq mtr worthRs38,38,750
  • Plot at Tivim No- 14 area of 3012.80 sq mtr @Rs312 per sq mtr worthRs9,40,800
  • Plot at Tivim No – 15 area of 3293.56 sq mtr @Rs312 per sq mtr worthRs10,28,160
  • Plot at Tivim No 29 area of 3494.00 sq mtr @Rs312 per sq mtr worthRs10,92,000


The Goa Forward MLA has been the most honest among the MLAs in declaring the value of his non- agricultural land measuring over 1.6 lakhs sq mtrs. His investments in property add up toRs36.41 crores, spread over Velsao, Aquem, Seraulim and Fatorda. The rates cited are close to the stamp duty rates declared under the Land Revenue Code.

Non- agricultural land-

  • Seraulim area of 1550 sq mtr @Rs2447 per sq mtr worthRs42,59,000
  • Velsao Salcete area of 6250 sq mtr @Rs678 per sq mtr worthRs42,43,550
  • Aquem Margao area of 6100 sq mtr @Rs3622 per sq mtr worthRs2,20,96,722
  • Velsao area of 8250 sq mtr @Rs777 per sq mtr worthRs64,12,300
  • Seraulim area of 2950 sq mtr @Rs1063 per sq mtr worthRs31,37,500
  • Seraulim area of 3550 sq mtr @Rs1116 per sq mtr worthRs39,65,000
  • Seraulim area of 26250 sq mtr @Rs2392 sq mtr worthRs6,28,06,000
  • Fatorda area of 101600 sq mtr @Rs2457 per sq mtr worthRs24,97,30,000
  • Seraulim area of 2850 sq mtr @Rs2614 per sq mtr worthRs74,50,100


Babush has been lucky enough to inherit vast quantities of land in Dona Paula and Taleigao from various aunts. Much of the land was acquired by the Goa University. The excess land was recovered through the affords of his lawyer, Ferdino Rebello, who retired as the chief justice of Allahabad High Court. The total agricultural property he still owns which has not been converted amounts to 13,600 sq mtr valued at a very modestRs68 lakhs. Most of the land has already been converted into real estate or sold to developers.  

Agricultural land

  • Corlim 36/55 area of 1650 sq mtr @Rs500 per sq mtr worthRs8,25,000
  • Corlim 35/40 area of 400 sq mtr @Rs500 per sq mtr worthRs2,00,000
  • Corlim 37/40 area of 1100 sq mtr @Rs500 per sq mtr worthRs5,50,000
  • Corlim 35/23 area of 2800 sq mtr @Rs500 per sq mtr worthRs14,00,000
  • Corlim 34/30 area of 2900 sq mtr @Rs500 per sq mtr worthRs14,50,000
  • Corlim 34/50 area of 2350 sq mtr @Rs500 per sq mtr worthRs11,75,000
  • Corlim 36/53 area if 2400 sq mtr @Rs500 per sq mtr worthRs12,00,000

Non-agricultural land

  • Talegao church S No- 170,1 area of 1171.64 sq mtr @Rs10,743 per sq mtr worthRs1,25,80,400
  • Taleigao property S No- 167/7 area of 364 sq mtr @Rs11,846 per sq mtr worthRs43,12,000
  • Ideal School S No- 68 &10 area of 3080 sq mtr @Rs12,080 per sq mtr worthRs3,72,06,400
  • Taleigao property S No- 167/5 area of 2828 sq mtr @Rs26,592 per sq mtr worthRs7,52,04,400


As in the case of Vijai Sardesai, the Calangute MLA owns only non-agricultural land worthRs10.83 crores spread over his entire constituency, many of which have been converted into resorts.

Non-agricultural land

  • Residential plot S No-100/12B, area of 4734 sq mtr
  • Ralina Sequira plot S No- 71/32 area of 5649 sq mtr
  • Office land S No- 366/20 area of 7350 sq mtr
  • Café land S No- 70/4,A area of 3328 sq mtr
  • Resort Terra Parasisa 148/2 A area of 49044 sq mtr
  • Resort Terra Parasisa  I Block S No-148/2 area of 1797 sq mtr
  • Factory shed 111/1 area of 16409 sq mtr
  • Vijay Parrikar plot 101/19 area of 1345 sq mtr
  • Mary Nazareth plot 146/2 area of 3497 sq mtr
  • Joseph Fernandes plot 86/3 area of 538 sq mtr
  • Mamral Fernandes plot 86/5 area of 4573 sq mtr
  • Nameden Parsekar plot 86/4 area of 2421 sq mtr
  • Maria Aquila plot 101/10 area of 3228 sq mtr
  • Laura Pinto 70/2 area of 753 sq mtr
  • Plot at Parra 101/09 area of 5380 sq mtr
  • Stephan Fernandes plot 100/13 area of 1883 sq mtr
  • De Baga Deck 238/21 area of 1093 sq mtr


Godinho has over 1.50 lakhs sq mtr of agricultural land worthRs2.62 crores which is besides the real estate he owns in his own name and that of family, particularly his brother.

Agricultural land

  • Bicholim 230/3 area of 20900 sq mtr @Rs119 per sq mtr worthRs24,90,000
  • Sal Bicholim 216/2 & 215 area of 81400 sq mtr @Rs77 per sq mtr worthRs62,70,600
  • Sal Bicholim 216/1,5&6 area of 33664 sq mtr @Rs324 per sq mtr worthRs1,09,04,020
  • Sal Bicholim 216/1,4& 10 area of 17,600 sq mtr @Rs372 per sq mtr worthRs65,40,000

Non-agricultural land

  • Chicalim Mormugao 110/25 area of 1275 sq mtr @Rs1333 per sq mtr worthRs17,00,000
  • Borom 209/1A area of 3094 sq mtr @Rs1293 per sq mtr worthRs40,00,000

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