THE Association for Democratic Rights (ADR) which is sponsored by Infosys Foundation has given a very damaging report on the functioning of the Goa assembly. The report has pointed out that the Legislative Assembly of Goa functioned only 16 days a year over a four-year period. Total time spent by MLAs in the assembly fell drastically from 154 hours in 2017 to 86 hours in 2021.  The least working period was only seven days in 2020.


THE Indian National Congress led by INC president Girish Chodankar is in the process of entering into an alliance with all secular parties. This includes the Nationalist Congress Party, the Goa Forward Party and even the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party. The objective is to defeat the BJP government which in any case is surviving because of 12 defectors from the Congress and MGP. Meanwhile, the Goa Revolutionary party is planning to contest the election under the Goa Su-Raj party which was founded by Florian Lobo.


THE Association for Democratic Reform has revealed that all the 40 sitting Goan MLAs are crorepati. According to ADR Goan MLAs are double digit crorepati which means that they are worth more than Rs20 crore. The maximum number of MLA crorepati are from the BJP with average assets adding up to Rs11.8 crore. Calangute MLA Michael Lobo is the richest with total assets valued at Rs54 crore, followed by Pratap Singh Raoji Rane with Rs50 crore. Goa also heads the country in the number of criminals in the legislative assembly. ADR reveals that 11 out of 40 MLAs have admitted to criminal cases against them with  nine serious cases to do with crimes against women.


TAHE BJP government in Tripura has arrested several journalists on charges of criticising the government. They are accused of maligning the image of the Tripura government with their reporting.  Two women journalists arrested by Tripura police for creating a sense of hatred, namely Samriddhi Sakunia and Swarma Jha, have been granted bail by the Chief Judicial Magistrate.


ACCORDING to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of Bihar people can die if they consume liquor. This was in the wake of 40 persons who died in the state after consuming nakli ( fake) daru. Bihar which is imposed a ban on liquor has become a haven of illegal liquor. If people die of consuming liquor – then all Goans will be dead!

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